The Grujmatch Gift Box
The Grujmatch Gift Box

The Grujmatch Gift Box

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The Grujmatch Gift Box is the perfect choice for someone wishing to incorporate a boxing drill into their workout routine, or for anyone wanting a simple 5 minute workout to improve their physical and mental health. Our special gift box contains all you need to get started - boxing gloves, punching pads/focus mitts,  handwraps, and our unique punching pad socks for maintaining your focus. We are working with our favorite equipment supplier, Sanabul, to give you a great deal on the pads, gloves, and hand wraps - when purchased with our punching pad socks... and the shipping is FREE!

Included in the gift box:

  • 1 set of Essential Curved Punching Mitts (Black/Red)
  • 1 set of Essential Gel Boxing Kickboxing Training Gloves (Black/Red) - please select size according to the guide below
  • 1 set of 180 inch Elastic Professional Handwraps (Black)
  • 1 set of Punching Pad Socks - Customized or from our Cancer Cell/ Gallery Collections

To order, just add the gift box to your cart and then add your Punching Pad Sock choice to your cart. This includes the customized ones, but remember to include your design. The cost of the Punching Pad Sock which ever you choose, will then be deducted from the total amount.  If you encounter problems, please contact us at

Please note: FREE Shipping is only available in the Continental US. For orders outside the Continental US please contact us for a shipping price.

Sizing Guide for Boxing Gloves

10-12 oz gloves Person between 100lbs-125lbs (common sizes for women)
12-14 oz gloves Person between 125lbs-150lbs
14-16 oz gloves Person between 150lbs-180lbs
16 oz gloves Person over 180lb