We are excited to announce that we now have a patent (US10835799) on our punching pad socks - granted to Grujmatch.com, LLC on Nov. 17, 2020
  • Can I do my own printing?

Absolutely! It is why we have made blank face punching pad socks. However, we only recommend sublimation/digital printing.

We have had no success in using Heat Transfer Vinyl (HTV) as the image cracks and peels away. Our special compression fabric is prepared for the sublimation printing process.

If you choose to use HTV we will not be held responsible for the quality and the durability of the print.

We do not profit from the printing process - the additional cost between the blank face socks and the customized socks is the cost of printing.

  • Where can I buy punching pads and boxing gloves to go with the punching pad socks?

We offer the Sanabul Essential Curved Punching Mitt for sale, but not the boxing gloves due to the personal nature of size, weight, and aesthetics of boxing gloves. There is an abundant choice available and most sporting goods stores and online retailers of sporting goods sell the punching pads/mitts and the boxing gloves. Shop around for the best deal. Our socks fit all standard brand name punching pads (max dimensions of 10.5"x 7.5"x 2").

That said, we are now offering The Grujmatch Gift Box which contains punching pads, boxing gloves, handwraps, and any of our punching pad socks. The purchase price is an excellent deal if you were intending to buy the punching pad socks.

  • Do you have covers that fit the rectangular kickboxing pads?

Not yet! We have a basic design with our fabricator and intend to launch the rectangular version sometime in the near future.

Like the punching pad socks, the rectangular kickboxing sock is made of the same durable fabric, can be customized, will be easy to slip on and take off, and yes has a patent pending too!

  • What are the punching pad socks made of?

We're glad you asked this question because a great deal of thought and planning has gone in to providing a quality product that meets California's Proposition 65 chemical safety standards.

We hold on file the Compliance Certification for the fabric and the elastic; and the ink used is a water based ink. The fiber content of the fabric is a polyester and spandex blend, while the elastic used is latex-free. 

  • What is that piece of elastic for at the back of the punching pad sock?

Great question! It is a finger sling that fits over your one/two/three middle fingers prior to putting the punching pad onto your hand. The elastic holds the bottom part of the sock in place when the punching pad is being hit with an uppercut  punch. It is unique to our design. See photo below.


  • Are the socks washable?

They wash up great! There is a tag on the inside which provides washing instructions, but to recap: Wash gentle in cold water, do not use clothes softener, do not use bleach, hang dry (dries very quickly), and do not iron. The color does not fade. This is the same material used to make professional football pants.

  • Can I return the punching pad socks if there is a problem with them?

We stand by our product and will happily replace any punching pad sock that malfunctions due to workmanship. This fabrication warranty is good for 180 days. Please contact us at info@grujmatch.com if you encounter a problem.

  • Do you accept bulk or corporate orders? 

    Yes! We are happy to negotiate for bulk and corporate orders. We can also arrange printing if required. Please contact us at info@grujmatch.com. Large orders will require several weeks lead time. This is a good way to raise funds for a company's cause or charity.

    • Do you ship internationally?

    Yes, we can! Please contact us at info@grujmatch.com to for a shipping price. 

    • Why do you call the punching pad covers "socks?" 

    They are meant to be temporary, and even interchangeable, like the socks you wear on your feet. Also, it's a play on the word punch (like sock it to cancer) and it's quicker to write!

    • Can I order an image from "The Gallery?"
    Yes. We have the images saved and they are available to use. Just click on the image to order.