Why Grujmatch?

Have you ever felt out of control? Ever been so mad you could just hit something?

We hear you! Grujmatch was created to help you take back some control in your life - or at least punch out your frustrations.

Grujmatch offers punching pad socks that you can personalize. Pick an image or phrase that inspires you to take control. With Grujmatch you can fight off:

  • Stress
  • Anger
  • Disappointment
  • Anxiety
  • Frustration

Our punching pad socks are made here in the USA of a quality compression fabric that is both washable and durable. They fit most hand-held punching pads, which means you can slip them onto your gym’s punching pad and let your trainer know what’s bugging you.

But these socks aren't just for the gym. If you own a pair of punching pads and boxing gloves, you can work out those negative emotions with a partner. Just slip the sock onto your punching pads, find your focus, and punch!

And our socks aren't just for settling scores with your emotions. We hope you will see the benefits of using our customized socks with your punching pads to improve your overall health - getting that heart rate up and toning your core; as well as improving that "tournament focus" for those competing in the combat sports arena.

So, you don't need to be a pro to get the most out of Grujmatch! All you need are some boxing gloves, punching pads with customized socks, and a serious gruj.

Next time life has got you down, fight back with Grujmatch!

 About Us...

Grujmatch.com was founded by Cathy Monk and is owned by Cathy and her business partner/friend/trainer, Bryon Garcia. They share a vision of helping and enabling individuals to strengthen their overall health, improve their sports performance, and generally settle their state of mind. At Grujmatch.com, our motto is American Strength, American Resiliency.

The initial concept of "punching to overcome" was a response to a failed 37 year marriage and the subsequent departure of Cathy's husband. Cathy was understandably left grappling with anger, stress, resentment, and frustration. 

When Bryon learned of her situation, he pulled out a pair of punching pads and boxing gloves and told Cathy it was time to learn to box. The goal was not to become a boxer, but to learn how to release pent up anger and resentment in a controlled way.

The key was visualization! Bryon would point to the dots on the punching pads and remind Cathy which one was her husband and which one was the mistress. 

Learning to look at situations positively and see the endless possibilities is what enables anyone to take charge. Cathy and Bryon see their punching pad socks as a simple step towards taking charge of the disagreeable, of whatever life throws at you. American strength. American resiliency... it is within us all!