Awareness Month Collection

This month's awareness color is PINK -  pink for October to recognize and promote breast cancer awareness. We are working with the Breast Cancer Research Foundation to raise funds for research and education; and to support the men and women and their families who have been impacted by the diagnosis and treatment of breast cancer. While great progress has been made in the detection and treatment of breast cancer, there is still a lot to do to eradicate this dreadful disease.

There is now substantial evidence that physical activity, and in particular, aerobic exercise, is linked to lower risks of developing breast cancer and lower risks of breast cancer recurrence. Setting aside 5 minutes a day to follow a simple boxing workout/drill, to get the body in motion and increase the heart rate, is something we can all fit into our schedule. So, if you know someone who was recently diagnosed, is currently battling, or is now in remission from breast cancer, please consider making them a gift of the Breast Cancer Cell Punching Pad Socks so that they can continue their fight. will be donating $2 per set from the sale of the Breast Cancer Cell Punching Pad Socks to the Breast Cancer Research Foundation (please visit for more information). There is no cap, but we only have 500 sets of the Breast Cancer Cell punching pad socks ready for shipping.

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