We have been granted a patent (YAY!) and to celebrate we will be giving away a set of Sanabul punching pads to the first 40 customers ordering a set of our customized (or Gallery Design) punching pads socks. That is a savings of $22.95! Simply add both to your cart and the discount will appear. But hurry... our celebration only runs from 6am on March 1 until 11:59pm on March 7, 2021 or until all 40 sets of the punching pads are gone - whichever comes first.

What are you fighting for?

Better health?

It only takes 5 minutes of punching a pad to put you on the path to a happier and healthier lifestyle.

Competitive glory?

Customize our punching pad socks to give yourself the extra edge. With our process you can face your opponent every time you step in the gym.

Emotional balance?

Whether you are battling a cancer diagnosis or other life-changing illness or personal hardships or anything that is impacting your life, we can help.

What are Punching Pad Socks??

Learn How Grujmatch Has Helped Others

You can order any of the images from The Gallery. Simply click on or tap the image. These images will change periodically so check back often to see if we are offering something that inspires you!